Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Lucullion starter kits?

Our starter kits is a fun and educational way to learn how to create products professionally (the same brands you know and love). Lucullion starter kits are designed for users to be able to create retail-grade products (not the ones you find at the top of Google search results that suck).

Can I buy directly from your website?

No. We currently sell exclusively on,, and soon

You'll find our products at the top of search results on both Amazon and Etsy using keywords like kit, set, making etc...

Are our starter kits new and original?

Yes. Most starter kits are not designed to teach you anything and is usually an already finished product. Our starter kits are designed so you could create your own products without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on courses, hundreds of hours researching, or expensive specialty schools.

How are the kits made?

Our products are handmade.

Who is the intended audience?

Our products are designed for people of all ages (parental guidance is recommended for children 6 - 11 years old.

The starter kits make for a great introduction to industries and the many categories and niches within them. Weather you’re looking for a gift, a new hobby, a fun activity, a new side hustle or a professional hands-on entry point to an industry.

How detailed are the instructions, guides, activities, and media content in our products?

We believe the educational aspects of our products could save you weeks of research, trial, and error, but our products are not a replacement for a college education. While we may use textbooks, advanced courses, and research in the creation of our starter kits. We will never include advanced “STEM” related material in our products without a full disclosure as this material is not appropriate for the public and can be viewed as intimidating or difficult to learn.

Where do we ship?

We currently only ship to the US and Canada.

What are the shipping methods?

We currently offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $50 with USPS First Class (1-5 business days) and USPS Parcel select (2-8 business days). Shipping to Canada via USPS First Class International (6-10 business days).

How long does it take to ship?

Our average processing time is 1-2 days.

What is the return policy?

Our return policy can be found here: Refund Policy

Where are we located?

We are located in Austin Texas, U.S.

Do we offer custom orders or personalized order request?

We occasionally offer limited time custom order request.

Can we handle large orders? What is the most I can order If I'm having an event, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, etc....

We can accommodate orders of up to 30 kits or a minimum of 10 kits for 30% off retail. Our Perfume Creation Kit can accommodate up to 2 people per kit. For example, if you are having an event with 20 people you would order 10 kits.

Are the fragrances in our products safe to use? Can I apply fragrance oils and essential oils directly on the skin?

Yes, fragrances are composed of natural, naturally derived, and synthetic ingredients. All fragrances are phthalate free. Fragrance oils and essential oils are too strong to apply directly on the skin and should never be used directly on your skin.

Where do we get our fragrance oils for our products?

All the fragrance oils, blends, and essential oils used in our kits are from well-known U.S. suppliers.