Our Innovative Cosmetic Kits

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An Ocean of Cosmetics to Choose from

We avoid the oversimplified items of the industry and focus on the overlooked items with surprising depth.

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Designed with Care

At Lucullion, we believe in designing starter kits the right way, creating a balance between being educational, creative, and enjoyable. Our kits are designed to provide you with new knowledge and hopefully, a new skill that you can walk away with.

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The Experience First Approach

All of our current and future cosmetic kits will provide a unique experience that cannot be replicated with just the finished product alone. By combining retail grade ingredients, user-friendly tools, and easy-to-follow instructions, our cosmetic kits are designed to offer a hands-on, immersive experience that will impart valuable knowledge and skills.

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Depth and Simplicity

We designed our kits so everyone could experience and reliably recreate aspects of the industry with ease and have a greater understanding of concepts.

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    Our First Product

    Why did we start with perfume? We started with the Fragrance Kits because perfumery may appear linear, but it ended up being one of the most creatively complex this industry has to offer.

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    The Endless Possibilities

    The fragrance oils and the simple science that makes it all possible is something you wouldn’t experience from simply using perfume.

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    The Professional Experience

    Unlike other kits on the market, our Perfume Creation Kit line stands true to what a starter kit was meant to be. An introduction to an industry from a professional’s point of view and with that point of view an experience you could only have if you were in their shoes.